Unified Resources and Committed Expertise to Enhance Public Safety Product Offerings

July 17, 2015 – N. Harris Computer Corporation is pleased to officially announce the formation of Harris Public Safety. Comprised of four businesses within the public sector market, InterAct911, TAC10, Global Software and Sleuth Systems, this merger positions Harris Public Safety as the premier provider of comprehensive public safety information management solutions. The suite of highly specialized product offerings empowers dispatchers, first responders, law enforcement and public safety administrators to interact with accurate, real- time information and advanced situational command and control.

Jim Simak, Senior Executive Vice President of Harris Public Safety, stated, “We are leveraging our talent and extensive resources to enhance and further develop our flagship product offerings under the Harris Public Safety umbrella. Our specialized focus on the public safety market allows us to uniquely deliver the next generation of CAD, RMS, and mobile applications and enhanced jail management software throughout North America.”

Harris Public Safety clients will benefit from a single source provider with proven and reliable integrated solutions for data sharing from dispatch to booking. Offered in both hosted and on-premise environments, local and state governments will reduce operational costs while streamlining communication across multiple agencies and improve officer safety.

N. Harris Computer Corporation is a leading provider of diverse and pioneering software solutions for the public safety market, offering sophisticated technology, outstanding customer care and market-driven products. With a combined 35+ years of experience Harris features integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management software (RMS), mobile applications, and jail and offender management solutions. The full line of Harris Public Safety software delivers the critical edge to frontline responders when it matters most. To learn more, visit www.harriscomputer.com.

Emergency app keeps Raleigh County residents informed

by Brandon Bates of WVNSTV.com

If you’ve ever heard a fire truck or ambulance fly through your neighborhood and wondered where they were going, you may never have to ask that question again. A new app called “Safe Town” is being used by the Beckley Raleigh County Emergency Services and it allows anybody to see almost every emergency call. 911 Dispatchers said in their position, time is extremely valuable.

“I believe it can save time, it will be a big help,” a Dispatcher said.

The App will show you when and where these emergency happen as they are happening.

“It lets you know where crime is occurring in Raleigh County and it’s also a way for residents to add in their profiles to Raleigh County 911′s system,” Stephanie Cook, with the 911 Center, said.

By adding a profile, you can show first responders what they’re up against if they had to come to your home. For example, if you’re allergic to anything or if you have Oxygen in the home they should know about in case there’s a fire.

SafeTown does a little bit of everything from notifying first responders if there are pets in the house or where they may be able to find a spare key.

Toronto, Canada, March 10, 2015 – Constellation Software Inc. (“Constellation”) (TSX:CSU), announced today that it has completed, through its wholly-owned subsidiary N. Harris Computer Corporation (“Harris”), the acquisition of InterAct911 Corporation (“InterAct”). InterAct is a provider of Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Enforcement and Offender Management systems in the United States and select regions worldwide.

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As cloud deployments gain momentum across government, agencies are benefitting from increased levels of automation that make it easier, cheaper and faster to spin up new IT resources and deploy cutting-edge web applications.

In 2015, more capabilities will be built into government cloud offerings, such as support for security and privacy standards as well as for hybrid public/private cloud deployments.

What’s more, the development of orchestration layers to improve data integration between cloud-based applications and the push towards network virtualization, will pick up speed.

“In the last year, public clouds have emerged that can better support compliance-driven organizations,’’ said Bill Kleyman, national director of strategy and innovation at MTM Technologies, a Stamford, Conn.-based consultancy.

“Cloud providers are now offering solutions that support FedRAMP (and the cloud-first initiative) so agencies can utilize all of this really great infrastructure specifically built for government cloud specifications and use cases.’’

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The cloud times – they are a-changin.’

As the disruptive potential of cloud computing continues to evolve, so too will the standardized approach federal agencies take to ensure the cloud computing service providers they ink deals with meet security standards, according to the officials who run the program.

That approach – the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, has gone through more than a few tweaks over the past few years.

But on Dec. 17, the General Services Administration will present its most concrete plans for the future of FedRAMP, releasing a “FedRAMP Forward” road map that addresses how the program will develop over the next two years.

Officials say they’re focusing on three goals in the FedRAMP re-think: increased compliance and agency participation, improved efficiencies and continued adaptation.

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The cloud space continues to evolve at an astounding pace.

While there continues to be some mystique around the use of the cloud, it’s safe to say that many enterprises have successfully adopted it.

The New Standard

According to PC World, cloud has become mainstream with adoption to some degree by nearly 90 percent of businesses. What’s more, according to NSK, an information technology consulting and outsourcing firm, 82 percent of companies that have moved to the cloud are saving money.

Gartner not only named cloud one of the top technology trends for 2015: It also proclaimed cloud as the new standard for application development. According to Gartner, “Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style.”

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As companies struggle to manage and secure BYOD devices, they are increasingly turning to cloud computing as a solution.

Despite their concern about managing and securing BYOD devices, more than half of respondents do not have a BYOD policy in place. Yet, nearly half of respondents are considering implementing BYOD over the next 12 months.

Despite potential benefits such as increased employee productivity and reduced IT costs, BYOD faces a number of barriers, including lack of IT team resources and skills at 60 percent, range of platform and device preferences at 54 percent and lack of executive buy-in with 40 percent.

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A new IBM study revealed that nearly 90 percent of IT security leaders have adopted the cloud or are currently planning cloud initiatives. And of these respondents, 75 percent said they expect their cloud security budgets to increase or increase dramatically over the next three to five years.

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Movement within FirstNet’s leadership continued this week, with board member and public-safety veteran Jeff Johnson being named as the organization’s new vice chairman and the announcement that Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Ali Afrashteh has resigned for personal reasons.

Industry observers have predicted for months that Johnson would be named as vice chairman. Johnson has chaired FirstNet’s Outreach Committee since its creation and headed FirstNet’s outreach efforts on an operational basis until full-time staff was hired to do the job.

“I’m pleased to tell you that Jeff Johnson has agreed to accept this position as vice chair, and I cannot be more pleased about that,” FirstNet Chairwoman Sue Swenson said during yesterday’s meeting of FirstNet’s Governance and Personnel Committee. “Jeff and I have known each other since FirstNet began, and we’ve worked very closely together.

“For those of you who know Jeff, this won’t come as a surprise. You know that Jeff has spent his career in public safety, so he knows this extremely. He was also a significant member of the group that actually created the enabling legislation that made FirstNet a reality.”

Indeed, Johnson was one of the key public-safety officials that lobbied for several years on Capitol Hill to convince federal lawmakers to reallocate the 700 MHz D Block spectrum to first responders. In 2012, Congress passed a law that reallocated the D Block airwaves, created FirstNet and dedicated $7 billion in federal revenues to fund FirstNet’s mission to develop a nationwide broadband network for public safety.

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Google predicts the best days are still ahead for cloud computing.

The pace at which customers are moving their data to the cloud is picking up, and the price of such services will drop at a slower pace in 2015 compared to this year, said Barak Regev, Google’s cloud chief for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“The adoption curve is extremely accelerating and we’re seeing it coming from a variety of companies,” Regev said today at the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit in London. Cloud is “bigger than any market out there if you think about the potential for adoption — even bigger than the advertising market.”

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